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Every woman her story origin: Molly Hicks

I have always been–weird. I wasn’t your typically kiddo, unless your kiddo at 7 years old figured out how to create access databases for their


Shop Black Love

It’s Black History Month and at Octane, we would like to support black businesses by showcasing some of our black-owned business clients. Support these businesses!


Tasting with Tavia: Tay’s Hot Toddy

Today @by.wordsmith.writing shares her special hot toddy recipe with all of us. This is the perfect drink for January and you can watch the LIVE broadcast


Tasting with Tavia: Spiked Eggnog

This easy recipe is quick and fun to whip up! Whether it’s your holiday ⛄️tradition or you just enjoy the taste😋, learn how to add


National Boss’s Day

The team at Octane Design Studios wanted to celebrate their fearless leader, Danielle Meadows-Stinett, owner of Octane Design Studies, which will be celebrating 12 years


Tasting with Tavia: Old- Fashioned

Watch these KY ladies whip up a couple of classy Old-Fashioned cocktails! 🥃🍊🍒 Thanks @by.wordsmith.writing for this recipe!


Tasting with Tavia

Tasting with Tavia is back and tastier than ever!  This time, we are celebrating Bourbon Heritage Month with a delicious bourbon cocktail recipe by yours

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