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It’s Black History Month and at Octane, we would like to support black businesses by showcasing some of our black-owned business clients. Support these businesses! Shop black love!

ASHLEY S. – Black Soil KY

What are you proud of being a Black business owner?

Being a Black business owner is like having a superpower. Over the past five years of business ownership, I have learned so many new techniques, strategies, and methods that have allowed us to demolish longstanding barriers helping us serve as trailblazers and leaders in our industry.

What keeps you going every day?-

My twins, my life’s purpose of service, and the bonds shared with those I care about

What did Octane do for you and how did this help to grow your business?-

Octane helped Black Soil KY complete an entire website domain transition, streamline our social media strategies, and served as a cheerleader as we took these big steps for a small business. 

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ANDREW L. – DC Strings Artistic/Exec. Director

What are you proud of being a black business owner? 

I’m proud of not feeding the stereotypes. Is it hard? Yes. Is it rewarding? Absolutely. I love being able to help foster performance opportunities for local artists, musicians, and educators in the DC region and help the next generation of youth to see themselves on the concert stage.

What keeps you going every day? 

I’m inspired by the great work I am honored to lead, making music with friends and bringing the power of music to communities that need it.

What did Octane do for you and how did this help to grow your business? 

We appreciate your time and help! — A website design and social media imaging that better told the story of our work and impact in the DMV community.

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LATARIKA Y. – Kilpatrick North Director

What are you proud of being a black business owner? 

I am proud to be a black business owner, and it is an honor to be a part of an ecosystem of black professional entrepreneurs that are inspiring, encouraging, and paving the way for others in our community. Visibility and representation absolutely matter, and I hope, through K North, I can continue to strengthen, service, and provide access to my community.

What keeps you going every day? 

 K North’s core values and inspiration come from three pillars in my life: my parents and my late grandmother.  The sacrifices they have made for me and their will to “soldier on”, in the words of my dad, in all circumstances keep me going every day.  What also keeps me going is that I hope to one day provide the same inspiration to others that my parents and late grandmother provide for me.

What did Octane do for you and how did this help to grow your business?

Octane took an ‘idea’ that I had for a business, helped me see, create, and plan the vision.  I could never get over the idea hump until Octane stepped in and really brought it to life.  I am SO grateful for Danielle and all of Octane who continue to help the evolution of K North.    

TAVIA S.- WordSmith Writing Services

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What are you proud of being a black business owner? 

I am proud to be a Black business owner, because it’s something I’ve had to learn from scratch, so to speak. I can’t say I was privy to a lot of information concerning business ownership, or even presented with the possibility in my youth. I’ve had to ask a lot of questions and learn a lot, and I’m still learning daily what entrepreneurship takes.

Being able to do something I love and am passionate about with people and in spaces that are FOR me is invaluable and brings me so much honor and joy. I’m truly grateful in every way.

What keeps you going every day?

It may sound cliche but what keeps me going is my clients. I meet some amazing people and work to make a process in their life easier. My motto is to work, “smarter not harder,” and I love helping people do just that. Whether it’s getting their resume together for the next job, honoring a loved one with a custom obituary, or creating social media content to keep their business engaged with their customers, I enjoy helping them tell their stories, accomplish their goals, and progress through life’s transitions.

My business allows me to be present for my husband, my 4-year-old daughter, my 10-year-old foster child, and my friends. There’s nothing that compares to the love and support they show.

What did Octane do for you and how did this help to grow your business?

I think the question is, ‘What didn’t Octane do for me!” Iol! Octane basically taught me how to fish instead of just giving me a fish. From the first day, I said I had a dream of owning my own writing service but I didn’t know where to start or what to do, Octane said, ‘You can and you will!’ And with their help, I did!

While designing my beautiful website, Danielle helped me brainstorm, establish my brand voice, set pillars, and create a custom logo and overall look that set my foundation. She’s always willing to help me when I have questions or need professional advice. I’ve taken advantage of her Canva Critiques, Q1 Essential courses, and her weekly social media tips and it’s helped me learn how to grow my business and establish my presence.

I can’t even express in words the invaluable services Octane has provided. Danielle and her team did not just do a service for me. They taught me and continue to teach me what it takes to accomplish this dream of having my own writing service and the importance of teaching and having amazing customer service.

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