Summer, summer, summertime… and the living is busy, hot and fun!

 It’s finally that time of the year where eating ice cream is a non-judgmental part of your diet, swimming and chillaxin’ is your sole exercise, and basking in the glow of dreamy sunsets is your nightly ritual.

This summer is going to be a hot one, and Octane’s staff have some summer essentials that make their summer cool and enjoyable!

Let us know how you like our lists and we encourage you to click the link and purchase so you can enjoy some of our favorite items!

Stay cool.

Hammock with Stand Included 

Round Beach Throw Blanket

Ice pop molds

Globe string lights

 Cooler bag

Macrame Wall Hanging

Sunburst Wall Mirror

Flexible Tripod

Floral Organza Dupatta

Hydration Jug

Portable Neck Fan

Tote Bag


Fitbit Fitness Tracker

Hello Summer Yoga Mat

Bucket Hat

Floating Beer Pong Table

UNO emoji cards

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