Octane reveals ‘Q1 Essentials’ online mini course offerings

You can lie with your words but not with your energy


We were listening in clubhouse and Benji dropped this gem. It was in reference to what you say and what you do in creating products / services that are truly effective for people. 

Our new ‘Q1 Essentials’ online classes are available NOW! We’re giving you a behind the scenes look at how we plan our social media, our blog posts and our quarterly goals. 

Learn at your own pace and apply these skills to your brand!

What’s inside Q1 Essentials? Here’s the Course List:

  • How We Do It: Planning Social Media Content
  • Dark Side of The Moon: Navigating SEO in Squarespace
  • Stress Less: Planning Blog Posts For The Year
  • Behind the Scenes: How We Edit Our Photos
  • How We Do It: Mapping Our Quarterly Goals

Why did we create Q1 Essentials?

  1. We believe in ‘each one teach one.‘ Each of us has a special something we can pass on to the next. Ours is digital branding.
  2. These systems are both tried and true. We’ve used these systems not only for our ourselves but daily for our clients. With over 10 years of marketing and banding experience our goal is helping others grow.
  3. Win the year not the month. Our forever endgame is to see you win! We strategize with tens of clients toward the end of the year for next years strategy. Not only will these courses help you plan your immediate digital branding and marketing strategy needs, but by using these courses you’ll set a tone and standard for success all year long.

You ready? Game On!


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