Level 5 pt.1 ‘Revive’ forecasts ways to reach your rainbow in digital marketing

Let’s be honest with ourselves…. in this entire series we address plans, actions and steps…. but what about us, the marketer?

We’ve collected a wealth of self-care tips and tricks from our previous series celebrating women in tech for Women’s History Month. Here’s a collection of their top suggestions:


1. Build Community

Brittany put it perfectly when she wrote “Our communities are also our support systems when times get tough”. This follows on from a conversation with Tanya Torp who we recently had on MTGthePodcast who said that “Resilience is communal.”

Make sure you spend time with your community as part of your rejuvenation. Sometimes we have the tendency to retract when we are tired and worn out, but our friends and family refill our cup even when we don’t take note of it.

2. Protect your Energy

Our guest bloggers all did this in some form. For Brittany, it was through setting boundaries. Latarika shared with us how riding her bike through the Kentucky countryside gave her peace, while Joanna literally said “Hello to a super energetic me!” when talking about how energized she is post workout! Find ways that protect your energy and pioritize them!

3. Music

In the words of Latarika Young (who you can follow at Apple Music @latarika23) “Music allows me to temporarily escape.  I can immerse myself in music and my mind leaves behind reality and all of my tasks, worries, and stresses of the day.” We love this tip because it’s so accessible and something you can do anytime, anywhere!

Some of our guest bloggers favorite suggestions are:

Try implementing these into your self-care routine and let us know if they help you to rejuvenate!

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