We're more than our name badge; we're more than the work we produce. Life is #morethangraphics."

#MoreThanGraphics is a lifestyle mantra of Graphic Designer and business owner Danielle Meadows-Stinnett.

The MoreThanGraphics Podcast is a virtual space of memories, hard truth-telling and life chronicles surrounding women creatives and women in tech of all colors, orients and backgrounds. 

Tune in as Cicely, Danielle and guests embark on a round table journey of finding ones tribe.

As we amplify the voices of today’s up and coming talents and thought leaders we challenge our listeners to honestly engage in ways to unlock mental and emotional roadblocks to success. Collectively we acknowledge the ‘work on self’ required to achieve true success.

Podcast created and produced by Octane Design Studios.


Danielle Meadows-Stinnett

Graphic Designer, persistent cloud wanderer, 11 year owner of minority led digital branding firm @octanedesigns, blogger, gamer & beloved MMA fan.


Cicely Stamper

Mom, newlywed, and full time nurse. Writer at heart, makeup artist and blogger of @bougienursebabe.

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