Explore: A winding year of looks and lessons

In this episode of the More Than Graphics podcast, the founding members, Danielle, Cicely, and Brittany, come together to celebrate their reunion after five seasons. They catch up with each other and share their excitement about the journey they have been on. The episode highlights the bond they have formed and the support they provide to each other. Tune in to hear their authentic conversations and empowering insights as they navigate the tech and creative industries.

00:00:01 – Podcast Intro and Banter
00:00:42 – Welcoming the Founding Members
00:01:08 – Reflecting on the Podcast’s Journey
00:01:50 – Brittany’s Reflections and Growth
00:02:30 – Cicely’s Contributions and Impact
00:03:39 – Celebrating Personal Achievements
00:04:01 – Cicely’s Nursing Graduation and Growth
00:05:11 – Discussing Future Aspirations
00:06:33 – Setting Boundaries and Personal Growth
00:09:08 – Exploring Life Design and Balance
00:11:11 – Embracing Help and Delegation
00:14:30 – Exploring and Sharing the Journey
00:17:09 – The Concept of Exploration in Life
00:19:29 – Navigating Grief and Building a Supportive Tribe
00:22:34 – Cherishing Family and Memories
00:24:21 – The Importance of Passing on Wisdom
00:26:15 – Grief and the Value of Community
00:27:45 – 2024 Intentions and the Theme of ‘Explore’
00:30:09 – Brittany’s Word for 2024: Ease
00:32:17 – If You Could Tattoo a Word on Your Body
00:34:03 – Parenting and Open Communication
00:35:10 – Teenage Development and Conversations
00:38:22 – Parenting Through Development, Not Ageism
00:42:17 – Sex Education and Parental Openness
00:44:24 – Transparency with Children and Generational Differences
00:47:11 – Breaking Generational Cycles and Intentions for 2024
00:49:27 – Embracing the Flow of Life and Future Plans




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