Online MTG Creative Institute covers Canva Basics

Octane is driven by creating authentic spaces through its digital products and services.

Our monthly subscription group: MTG Creative Institute to help entrepreneurs curate new DIY digital marketing skills to elevate their business startup or small business.

Each month is a new topic with a library of live content & videos for you to watch later or right then. For September, we’ll cover Canva basics.

The group offers:

  • Exclusive deals and discounts on professional products Octane uses
  • Monthly live video tutorials on basic design skills (Mailchimp, Canva, Stock Images etc.) to help you thrive in your business
  • Exclusive work critiques and feedback sessions from Octane
  • Network and connect with other entrepreneurs across America
  • Access to our database of past e-learning videos

Enjoy a community of entrepreneurs looking to level up there business marketing on there on pace and level.

Octane launches monthly entrepreneurship group, MTG Creative Institute

Octane is driven by creating authentic spaces through its digital products and services.

We’re proud to announce our monthly subscription group to help entrepreneurs curate new DIY digital marketing skills to elevate their business startup or small business.

Each month is a new topic with a library of live content & videos for you to watch later or right then!

The group offers:

  • Exclusive deals and discounts on professional products Octane uses
  • Monthly live video tutorials on basic deign skills (Mailchimp, Canva, Stock Images etc.) to help you thrive in your business
  • Exclusive work critiques and feedback sessions from Octane
  • Network and connect with other entrepreneurs across America
  • Access to our database of past e-learning videos

Enjoy a community of entrepreneurs looking to level up there business marketing on there on pace and level.

Just for August; use the ‘back to school’ promotion tier to join for $20. (Normal price $25) Valid for August only! Join today!

Octane Launches eBook on Amazon Kindle

That’s Right! Octane has a book specifically on digital branding! 

“Building or rebuilding a business and unsure of your vision or marketing message? Have a business plan but can’t seem to make it come to life? Beginning your business startup and struggling with basic steps to hone in your business branding?

In this eBook, millennial entrepreneur, podcaster, and 10 year minority business owner Danielle Meadows-Stinnett details DIY branding basics for startups and small businesses to curate and fine-tune their brand.”

Why an eBook?

I get asked tons of questions about branding each day! This is the fastest way to share quick and easy steps on building your personal or business brand beyond what’s trending, like:

  • Finding your voice in branding
  • Starting your brand strategy
  • Techniques and mindsets for business growth

Reserve your copy with a pre-order right now! 

Ten things ‘to do’ to prep your social media for holiday marketing

The holidays are HERE! As business owners we strive to stay ahead of the game before shoppers get into the holiday spirit. Branding & marketing for the holidays is a full time job so Octane offers 10 things to do to prep your social media for the holidays:

Update Your Social Profiles

Make sure all your social mediums are updated with the latest branding and updated logo for the holidays.

Put Forth A Master Plan (posting schedule)

I often pre-schedule my posts based on basic timeframes for social media. I encourage you to take a full 30 minutes in the morning or evening to plan a full 7 to 10 days worth of posts. Set a weekly and monthly goal for yourself to balance your engagement with your clients.

For content, share quick tips, quick fixes , practical advice & testimonials for the holiday.

Have Online Support Info Ready

When I purchase something for my kids that doesn’t pan out, nothing is more infuriating to me then the lack of customer service to help fix my problem. Same applies to the basics of any good business that offers support online. Share a link, or have a button that leads to more detailed explanation of your service support.

Cool Tip: Can’t afford the fancy “online chat” feature? I love the use of the Facebook Chat option directly usable on your website. It’s connected me quickly to customers who have questions about products that usually leads to a same day sale.

Get Equipped with Your Social Tools

There’s so many amazing tools out there! Some of my fave tools I used this holiday season for Social Media are:

You may have others! Feel free to share!

Team up with an Influencer

You may or may not have enough time for this depending on what your product is for the holiday season. Its really important to me as a business built on the connection of other businesses to make room for collaborations during the holiday season.

For instance my family print + ship holiday cards include free sticker and coloring activity sheets for kids. These are designed by a local vendor / influencer that I politely emailed earlier that best works with my company values.

Advent Calendar Countdown

Countdowns are all the rave! When customers see they have limited time to do something, it can often push to a sale. Make every day feel special with some freebies or select discounts with each new day. Feature some of your fave products that keep your products / services top notch. Don’t forget to tag them in your social media posts!

Cool Tip: Celebrate the “12 days of Christmas” with exclusive coupons/ discounts or offer FREE shipping on select days of the week to increase days with lower sales.

Run a Customer Appreciation Coupon

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas is PERFECT for these moments! Take advantage of this the open window when people are most looking for deals.

If you’re selling goods online, use “Cyber Monday” as a way to get the extra sale. If you’re a physical storefront use creative marketing in person and across social media to get shoppers to you.

Create Social Media Only Discounts

This has grown a lot since it started years ago. Again creating incentives for people creates greater intention of them to use your product/ service.

Create Bundles

Make purchasing simple for customers by offering the freedom of choice in there shopping experiences. Do you create t-shirts AND socks? Offer them together!

Octane offers FREE blank white envelopes for all print + ship orders during the holidays because who needs to make a separate fun for envelopes?

Get Behind a Cause

I cannot encourage community enough! We ARE stronger together! Partner up with your local non-profit for #GivingTuesday or give a portion of your holiday sales to a program making impact where you are.  Here’s a few of our favorites:

At the End of the Day, You’re Not a Robot

Be yourself. If you’re not big, don’t fake it. If your super small, show your dedication to the craft making the BEST product / service. The more you give to people, the more they want to give back to you.
Be human to the people folks. You may be surprised by the return of human comfort it gifts you!

Octane’s Holiday Photoshoot

We are passionate.
We are strategic.
We are creatives.
And we’re women.

These words became a mantra over the past year as Octane sought unique collaborations that became deep friendships and unshakable sisterhoods that took a life all its own.

It’s truly greater to gift than to receive.

Recently Octane hosted its first ever partnered vendors photoshoot as a way to collectively create holiday content but also take a moment to gift some ‘woman to woman’ self care before the hustle and bustle of the season, where we too often put ourselves last.

This was an opportunity for us to uniquely celebrate who we are, exactly where we are.

As I began to share this ideal photoshoot, more jumped on board linking arm in arm with me to uplift women doing incredible things together. It filled me to watch so many people lovingly surround each of them in ways they didn’t even know.

From getting glammed up to crafting and opening presents under the tree, this full day was worth every minute of surprises, laughter, dresses, headshots, convos and food.

We’re just a bunch of Kentucky girls, barefoot in our passions, striving to be our best selves.

We didn’t ask permission.
We didn’t water it down.
We hold each other accountable.

Let our bond, be our crown.

See our event trailer and read our feature in The Mixx Magazine!

Special Thanks To All Vendors:

Hosted by: Octane Design Studios / @octanedesigns

Photography & Venue: Franzetti Photography / @m_franzetti

Make Up: Edomoni Young / @Amavi_Beauty

Paperie: Octane Designs Studios / @octanedesigns

Event styling: Passionate Event Designs / @passionateeventdesigns

Onsite Videography: Cre8tive Visions / @ei8hty_se7en

Ugly Sweater Workshop: Octane Design Studios / @octanedesigns

Youth Tents & Quilted Blankets: JRow Everything / @JRow_Everything

Partnered Vendors: Samantha Johnson / @SamanhattanPR ,  Shalon Thomas / @passionateeventdesigns, Michelle Franzetti / @M_Franzetti,  Jacqueline Rowan / @jrow_everything,

Gifted Lifestyle Subscription Box: @mochamavenbox

Gifted Bowties: Deez Bowties / @deezbowties

Gifted Calligraphy Quotes: Caylie Mindling / @cayligraphy

Catering: The Mousetrap / @mousetrap_ky, sponsored by Scale Consulting / @scalefemale

Signature Hard Cider: ‘Almond Spice’, Pivot Brewing Co / @PivotBrewing


Octane’s Holiday Pre-order List Opens October 22

Ready or not the holiday shopping experience starts earlier and earlier. Starting October 22 we’re giving all of our followers early opportunity to be at the top of our “to do” list for all our holiday products!

On Oct 22 our top holiday products will be available for pre-order, including:

  • Custom Holiday Photo Cards
  • Holiday Paper Ornaments
  • Custom Holiday Stationery (Personal or Business)
  • Custom Mug Sets
  • Custom ‘Experience’ Gift Certificates

Simply visit our holiday page (available Oct. 22nd via Facebook and Instagram) and submit your information to be added to our pre-order list. Official production of our holiday orders begins Nov. 1.

It’s a countdown

Along the way be sure to check out our live videos across facebook and instagram as we prepare for a virtual launch of our official holiday production season.

You may see some familiar brands like:

SamanhattanPR, @samanhattanPR

Franzetti Photography / @M_franzetti

Passionate Event Designs / @passionateeventdesigns

J.Row Everything / @jrow_everything

The more, the merrier!

More friends =  more holiday gift ideas

Octane’s holiday products won’t be the only thing available for pre-order. Our friends at J.Row Everything have partnered with us to release some exclusive holiday apparel just for the occasion!

Be sure to follow @octandesigns for more awesome vendors to shop this holiday season.


Octane among the selected participants of University of Kentucky’s Von Allmen Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

As a diverse business Octane strives to provide services to clients who strive to increase diversity through its services and / events.

Recently, Octane owner Danielle Meadows Stinnett, alongside Samantha Johnson of SamanhattanPR and Shalon Thomas owner of Passionate Event Designs was selected to participate in the University of Kentucky Gatton College of Business’ Von Allmen Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

About the Program

The business incubator program runs for 15 consecutive weeks covering various topics from branding to business finances. According to their website the program is:

“Designed for creative and collaborative entrepreneurial learning, growth, and innovation. The “Entrepreneurs Bootcamp Program” is a one semester program designed to assess and validate the feasibility of a business concept, create a business model, and provide hands-on experience with real world projects. With a schedule of programs created to foster collaboration among UK students, faculty, clinicians, postdocs, and community mentors/entrepreneurs, the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is open to those interested in immersive learning.”

Successful completion of the program concludes with a $3000 grant to the winning company/ idea business pitch.

Welcome to Kinship

Our business pitch is simple; we offer services that share and execute inclusion for festivals and events to incorporate diversity according to there needs. This is the basis of Kinship: “inclusiveness anywhere; diversity everywhere.”

Our team is still growing within the program but its foundational members share core attributes to execute the ideals and structure of our agency. Meet them below:

Samantha Johnson, SamanhattanPR

Samantha Johnson is no stranger to Octane and brings years of multicultural marketing experience to the group. As Event Director of ever popular community event The Night Market, Samantha has a natural talent for not only finding diverse talent but showcasing / marketing it wherever the party is!

Shalon Thomas, Passionate Event Designs

Shalon Thomas brings years of event design to the group. Her specific background in knowing how to create mood by interior  & exterior design on a budget sets the tone of the level of style execution we want to offer each client. From layout to lounge and booth decor, Kinship offer services that are welcoming, inviting and inspirational.


We are more than excited to see where this goes! Be sure to follow our Instagram accounts as we continue to progress in the program!




For more information about the boot camp visit,

Meet Octane’s Summer Interns

From meet n’ greeting a range of professional artisans, building marketing plans, 1:1 skill setting and more, Octane’s Summer interns are making some serious moves!

Get to know them below…

#MoreThanGraphics #AmazingInterns #Growth #Network #Artisans

Meet Luke Taylor

Henry Clay High School – Liberal Arts Program

Likes: French Fries & Comics

Favorite Superhero: Nova & Batman

Dislike: Teen Titan Go! & New Thundercats Roar

Hobbies: Comics, Movies, Trumpet & piano

Career Aspirations: Computer Science, Graphic Design, or something related in those fields

Meet Noah McLellan

Lafayette High School – SCAPA

Likes: Art, visual art, animation, socializing, sketching, social media, movies, driving, sunsets, my friends, photography

Favorite superhero: Deadpool

Dislikes: Sour people, that feeling when you walk into a room with negative energy, people who bring down your energy, bad animation, art block, the relatability of mental problems on social media

Hobbies: Art, animation, drawing in cool breeze summer days, hanging out with my friends, driving to Louisville, the Law Of Attraction, shopping, creating

Career aspirations: Animator, have my own animated series, social media influencer, or both, online artist


Interested in being a summer intern in 2019? Email us for more info!

Octane Welcomes Event Designer Shalon Thomas

I’m thrilled to finally share what I’ve been sitting on for what seems like forever. After months of praying, waiting with this team of independently amazing women business owners, I’m blessed to announce our newest addition, event designer Shalon Thomas to the Octane tribe!

Shalon comes with years of experience as an event designer building everything from floral walls to grand reception halls and intimate gala decor. I think what I love most about Shalon is that she’s so easy to talk to and versatile in style. She can go all out or keep it reeled in while staying within budget and within the desired look.

Be sure to follow Shalon across Instagram and Facebook and continue to follow Octane’s blog as we feature more works from each business.


Q&A With Shalon Thomas

Q: What inspired you to get started in event design?

A: I have always been a creative person. I believe my background in early childhood education played an important part in the beginning stages of being a creative. I found myself being very inventive and taking on DIY projects. When my children were young I would have parties that was full of DIY decor that actually turned out pretty well. I started to receive many compliments on my work, I also enjoyed the production of the actual event. From there I started creating and crafting small social gathers for family and friends.


Q: What’s your typical event day look like?

A: Depending on what type of event we are design and styling, an event day could be anywhere from 4 – 8 hrs long which includes set up and break down. The morning usually starts with event set up, event rental arrivals, following the production timeline, assign tasks and lastly returning to the event for the break down.


Q: Do you have a preferred clientele or are you open to working with anyone?

A: I do prefer to work with clients who do not enjoy decorating or just simply do not have the time nor desire to come up with themes and concepts for their event. When clients come to me for design services it helps if they have ideas but are unsure how to pull all the pieces together. We also specialize in creative direction… meaning if you have no ideas and don’t have a clue where to start we help you map out unique personalized themes from the very beginning. We love blank canvases, those are usually the events that wow our clients the most.


Q: What do you enjoy doing when not event designing?

A: I enjoy family time when I am not event designing. I have a husband Eugene, 2 boys Jay and Eugene and a dog named Eva! There is never a dull moment in the house. My children keep me current on the latest dance moves, they both are great dancers! We also love to watch horror movies together while making homemade smores in the microwave LOL.


Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: I love flatbread pizza!


Q: What’s your favorite Movie?

A: The Nutty Professor


Q: What’s one of you most memorable events you’ve done? (Or two, or three…)

A: The Kate Spade inspired bridal shower has been the most memorable event so far.  When I first had the idea I wasn’t really sure how everything was going to turn out. The colors were bright pink, black and white stripes with gold accents. I didn’t want to get to carried away with the design elements. I was going for a clean and simple yet bold statement. On the event day, the production team totally rocked the vision. When you entered into the room you felt like you were at a New York Kate Spade show room. No detail went unnoticed. The metallic gold favor boxes matched the gold chargers from the place setting. The perfume of fresh pink roses filled the room leaving the guest with a long lasting impression.


Hello 2018

I’ve officially completed the first week of 2018 and I’ve been doing quite a bit of purging, clean slating and then reconfiguring. I’ve noticed that right toward the end of the year the piles of trash and paper scraps have flooded my office floor. My desk is loaded with business cards and the occasional scattered brochures. It’s THAT time of year!

A New Year means new beginnings right? Out with the old and in with the new? I’ve been inspired by some amazing people in 2017 as I continue to “build up” in the New Year.

To help motivate myself I’ve candidly captured some wisdom from some of my fave creatives / business owners / colleagues to inspire/advise you to make 2018, your year! If you don’t know these powerful ladies, get to know them. Better yet, follow there success. I’m still learning from them.

Here’s to littering the floors more, breathing fully (metaphorically and literally because the flu is no joke this time of year) and laughing a lot louder in 2018.


Amanda Edwards
Baker & Owner, Adeline’s Cake Artistry, @akacakes

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” -Lao Tzu


Michelle Franzetti
Photographer & Owner, Franzetti Photography, @m_franzetti

“Business Wisdom: find people who are smarter than you and figure out a way to work with them. Barter, trade, save up. Do whatever you have to in order to ensure you are working with people who are better than you. It’s the only way you will have the space you need to get better too!”


Tiffany Brannon Foreman
Speaker & Business Owner, Limitless Leaders

“Be humble in all that you do as your business will eventually reflect your inner true self. Do things for the right reasons.”


Machon Fogle
Stylist, Educator & Platform Artist, Hairapy by Machon, @choni_c_f

“Keep your blinders on, worry about you, your business, and being successful. Passing on some wisdom does not dull your shine at all.”


Samantha Johnson
PR Speciality & Owner, SamanhattanPR, @SamanhattanPR

“My Advice for 2018 is …no matter who you are, odds are you unintentionally think to prepare for the worst more times than not, but in 2018 try to ask yourself, “what’s the best that could happen?”

Ephesians 3: 20-21 in the Message: “God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us”

Do the work. You literally have to stop overthinking and journaling and positive meme posting and just do the first thing. A lot of our answers come out in the movement, not in the brainstorm during a netflix binge. Write the next 20 lines or pages, contact the adoption center, take your health seriously, schedule therapy, record that podcast, audition for that film, go viral… do something toward your goals/happiness to force yourself to take the next step.

Get out of your own way and be great daily!”


Jacqueline Rowan
Owner & Blogger, Jrow Photography & Designs, @jrow_everything

“Starting a business can be an amazing fulfilling adventure but it will take time and patience to build the business of your dream. Don’t get discouraged if in the beginning things are slow or not going your way. Don’t quit! Keep going and remember that the world wasn’t made in a night… nor a successful business.”


Jessie Laine Powell
Jazz Artist, Singer/ Songwriter, JLP Music

“Don’t harbor unforgiveness. You immediately imprison your own heart. Forgive and set yourself free. This is true liberation.”


Tashari Berry
Financial Advisor, World Traveler & Owner, Tashari Financial Group LLC

“Successful entrepreneurs (online or brick and mortar): What’s your no.1 fear for you and your business?

Is it:
a) Revenue: How to increase profits while decreasing overhead expenses
b) Balance:  How to balance your business and personal life before you lose your cool.
c) Retirement: You don’t have a plan in place. All you ave is the business as your retirement plan. “