10 Totally Tech Gifts to Make the Tech Geek Dad Smile

Was your dad the first to have an 8-track or color TV in the 70s, a Walkman in the 80s and a Brick phone in the 90s?

Was he the dude with the huge camcorder walking around capturing memories and even in his older age proudly has an iPhone 12 that he operates like a pro?

If so, it’s safe to say, your dad is totally a tech geek and has been for decades. 

We want to help you make him smile this Father’s Day with some cool gadgets that will make his life easier. 

We’ve done the research for you and here are some really cool gifts that are both affordable and totally cool.

“Roll that beautiful bean footage… “

For The Working Tech Dad

1.Wireless Charging Mouse Pad: $35.90

Gift him an integrated wireless charging mouse pad that will also charge his phone devices as he works on that big project.

2.Rug Alarm Clock: $85

This working dad can brush his teeth and know he’s not late for work with this cool, comfortable rug alarm clock.

3.Motorized Tie and Belt Rack:$25-$30

Help dad get organized with this motorized tie and belt rack that goes in his closet. These nifty gadgets include LED lights and easy to use buttons to keep his tie choices readily available. 

For The Geeky Gadgets Dad

4.Camera Video Sunglasses 

You’ve seen them in the movies and know your dad will love to walk and record all the day’s happenings!

5.Smart Rubiks Cube: $44.99 

The Smart Rubik’s Cube is a smart connected cube with tracking and whole new way to learn, improve and complete the traditional Rubik’s Cube. 

6.Portable Power Station: $97

He’ll have the Power! This portable power station is a battery on the go for all his needs from charging his cell phone to giving his car battery a charge. 

7.Orb Levitating Speaker: $87.99 

This awesome decoration for home or office is a conversation piece with LED light design, high-tech levitating system and great audio. 

8.Neck Reading Light: $20 

Your dad is a bookworm so why not gift him a neck reading light so he can read in bed while your mom snoozes.

9.Trackable Wallet: $37.99 

If he’s constantly misplacing his wallet, then it’s time to invest in trackable technology. You can buy a trackable wallet at low to high end prices, but the peace of mind will be priceless.

10.Bluetooth Sleep Mask with Headphones 

Your laid back dad will love this Bluetooth Sleep Mask that plays music for sleep and meditation or can be used for workouts and travel. 

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