Unleashing Fearlessness: How Women are Defying Expectations in Tech

Welcome to another episode of More Than Graphics! In this episode hosts Danielle and Priscilla discuss the topic of fearlessness with guest Aisha Jenkins. They explore the different aspects and forms that fearlessness can take on and how it relates to women in particular. They also reference an article that highlights why women tend to be more fearful than men. Tune in to join the conversation and discover the power of fearlessness.

Aisha Jenkins is a Single Mother by Choice (used a doctor and spermbank to conceive her 2 children), a tech professional, business owner and host of the Start to Finish Motherhood podcast.

The Start to Finish Motherhood podcast focuses on all things Single Mother by Choice and is geared toward supporting women on their Single mother by Choice journey from start to finish. Aisha is a trusted leader in the Single Mother by Choice community having been a member for over a decade, and has administered and moderated two Facebook communities of close to 20K people before deciding to start her own company in 2022.

Her journey to become an Single Mother by Choice (navigating fertility clinics, sperm banks, friends, and family), and courage to share both the joys and the pain, have continued to enrich the community at large and support many in achieving their dreams of Motherhood.

[00:01:51] Women’s fear and anxiety.

[00:04:25] Childhood experiences shaping adulthood.

[00:10:41] Non-traditional paths to motherhood.

[00:13:02] Pursuing motherhood on my own.

[00:17:09] Trusting my gut and overcoming patriarchy.

[00:22:29] Successful pregnancy after multiple losses.

[00:26:51] Paths and transformation

[00:28:15] Walking in authenticity and purpose.

[00:33:31] Self-care and finding balance.

[00:37:29] Softening the view for empathy.

00:40:36] Tech background and financial success.

[00:45:06] Increasing representation of Black people.

[00:50:02] Empowerment and self-work.

[00:54:09] Breaking societal rules for girls.

[00:55:48] Lack of diversity in sperm donors.

[00:59:30] Love language and growing up.


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