The VERY Merry Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Still looking for some goodies for techie or creative in your life? The ladies of MTG: More Than Graphics Podcast gives us a little simple run down of some digital goodies you may not have thought to keep your spirits bright.

We present to you… The Very Merry Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide!


Gifts for her

Gifts for him

Gifts for entrepreneurs (productivity, apps)

  • Starbucks gift card
  • Adobe cloud sub
  • Enlight product sub
  • Bluetooth earbuds
  • Switcher Studio Pro sub
  • Temp Office rental (1-2 mo)
  • Professional development tools (coaching etc)
  • Asana plan
  • Any sort of slow cooker or Instapot (it’s sometimes hard to find time to cook)
  • Virtual assistant or task/personal errand assistance
  • Gift certificates for services (e.g. car wash, grocery delivery, house cleaning etc)

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