The Power of Purpose with special guest Dex Duff

In this episode of the More Than Graphics podcast, host Danielle discusses the theme of purpose with a special guest with Dex Duff. They deeply discuss the topic, exploring its meaning and significance. The conversation is filled with open dialogue and deeper reflections on purpose. Tune in to hear the insights and perspectives shared in this thought-provoking episode.

Dex Duff, owner of Dexstar Media and host of In The Black Business podcast, is an Atlanta based digital marketing consultant and podcast producer. I’m a graduate of the University of Colorado with a BA in film. Dexstar Media is a Purpose driven marketing and media company dedicated to providing solutions for small and medium sized businesses. Whether it’s creating a landing page, on-site SEO, reputation management, lead generation or podcast production, you will find me guiding clients to achieving ROI while illuminating their business. When I’m not working, I’m losing my voice cheering on three boys in their various sports or clubs. I wake up every morning looking forward to hand my wife a cup of coffee and a laugh to start the day.

[00:09:30] Authenticity in storytelling.

[00:11:45] Authenticity in social media.

[00:16:38] Women in tech empowerment.

[00:18:00] Relationships and Trust.

[00:21:55] Purpose driving through difficult seasons.

[00:25:22] Chasing a creative high.

[00:30:53] Chasing dreams and boundaries.

[00:34:11] Fortitude and pushing through.

[00:37:13] Self care and cooking.

[00:41:55] The real deal in podcasting.

[00:45:41] Seeking a deeper purpose.

[00:49:51] Music videos and small businesses.

[00:52:21] Long-form journalism transitioning to podcasts.

[01:00:46] The Harlem Renaissance and Jazz.

[01:05:36] Passing on knowledge and wisdom.


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