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Danielle is the owner of Octane Design Studios, a 12-year-old branding and identity firm based in the heart of the Bluegrass. Danielle is a podcaster, wife, mama of 4, and lover of rustic cuisine, chai, cosplay, harry potter and live MMA.

With over 13 years of marketing and multimedia agency experience, Danielle is a Grassroots Developer & Curator, helping brand and launch over 100 local businesses across America; ⅔ in Kentucky.

Danielle is an advocate of nontraditional education leading online meetups and workshops for DIY marketing. Her latest education platform Q1 essentials is an online membership of 10+ mini-courses to level up your digital marketing each year within the first business quarter of the year.

In 2021 Danielle launched Kentucky Creatives an all new Kentucky based membership community comprised of bloggers, photographers, copywriters, podcasters, and more to help connect small businesses with influencers for their brand.

As much as Danielle is passionate about providing creative services she strives to be more than just the graphics she creates. Over the years her hashtag #MoreThanGraphics has become more than just a marketing slogan; its become a life principle for herself that she executes through storytelling and life chronicles as producer and co-host of the #MoreThanGraphics podcast. Check out my latest podcast with her, “How To Play For Keeps.”

Learn how going at your own pace can be great for your business. Discover mini-courses that can help you level up your own business at your own pace and learn to work smarter, not harder.

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Creative, multi-business owner, published author, wife and mom of 3. Book Danielle to speak at www.daniellemeadowsstinnett.com.

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