Self Love Series: Your Why

Welcome to Octane’s Self Love Blog Series! This series is a collection of 4 posts from an array of guest bloggers focusing on the concept of loving yourself beyond the month of February. 

Week 4: Your Why

When I think about my most peaceful and fun memories in my life you would automatically think I think of those times as self care and love but I also take time to look at the times I felt uncomfortable, stretched, down and out, and away from my comfort zone. Those are all self-love and care as well. Why? These are the times I have felt the most growth in my personal and professional life.

Sure I love to treat myself and having a hot bath in peace and quiet is the best but when it all boils down to it a lot of my self love and care rewarding came from the struggling that happened before hand. Recently I was promoted to a new position at the company I work for. It came with a lot of stress and IM STILL STRESSED. But it hasn’t made me stop wanting to grow.

I haven’t necessarily had a lot of time for reward and trying to balance a career, family, friends, and a side business/project has been a difficult task but I am not giving up. If I could offer one piece of advance for someone who is constantly busy and may not have time to stop for much needed self care and love would be to write down goals and when you accomplish them pat yourself on the back! Buy yourself something or just take a nap.

Rest your mind from all of the days thoughts and just start fresh because what selfcare and love boils down to is you! No one can take care of you like you can yourself!

Betsy is 35, an EKU graduate with Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and Minor in Womens studies. She is currently a Sales Manager for Galls LLC in the Lexington Ky Corporate office. She is also one of the co-creators of The Black Route– a business helping route you to black owned businesses and events in Kentucky and surrounding states. The Black Routes online presence is mostly through social media such as Instagram and Facebook. They are always willing to get the word out about your business or event. Betsy is a lover of all things natural for hair and skin!

For product recommendations follow her on Instagram: @Heavens2betsie

I would have to say Self-care and Self-love are things I live by heavily. It always makes me feel better that I know I have my own back and am completely aware of when I need to stop, focus, and take a little down time. I’m pretty happy with the journey I am on right now and look forward to meeting lots of people out there who have the same mindset.

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