Self Love Series: Confidence

Welcome to Octane’s Self Love Blog Series! This series is a collection of 4 posts from an array of guest bloggers focusing on the concept of loving yourself beyond the month of February. 

Week 1 topic: Confidence

This particular topic was one I had an instant knee-jerk reaction to as I prepped for this series. Mostly because I have recently rediscovered a new sense of confidence in myself. 

When I think of confidence I think of my “board of directors” or people that would advise me to be my best self, from a recent exercise I completed from Coach Colene’s (author of  Monday Morning Pep Talks) recent Vision 2019 7-day facebook challenge. 

I knew I had to have Steve Jobs, Oprah and Michelle Obama on board because these are icons and visionaries that deeply impact my day to day thoughts and processes. 

Each of them carry there own swagger and there own convictions making them universally known. 

Is that what confidence is? The ebb and flow of swag and convictions?

Recently I got to listen to the latest episode of Equipped with Purpose podcast with special guest marketing strategist Kevin Jennings who spoke on confidence. (Long story short, his wife is my old college pal and I had the pleasure of designing there wedding invitations oh so long ago.)

He too shared his own definition of confidence and dropped a SERIOUS dose of truth that had me in deep reflection: your purpose gives you confidence.

As a graphic designer of 10 years (dear lord that’s weighty when you type it out) that seems easy but you’d have to define your purpose beforehand. 

10 years ago my purpose was the hustle of the almighty dollar. I was young and a single mom stretching every cent.  Five years ago, I began to mature that purpose into relationships and meaningful storytelling of voices unseen or unheard. And now, all I want to do is pass the baton and amplify my mic for others. 

I was hesitant every step of the way.

In further listening to Kevin’s response to him asking his clients “why do you trust me”, he quoted a book, Anything You Want, that I too had read not too long ago by Derek Sivers.

“What’s simple to you is amazing to others.” 

Boom. It hit me again. 

I can distinctly remember reading that quote and thinking all the way back to impromptu working sessions with my colleague and best friend Samantha Johnson of SamanhattanPR. She would always snap at me when my self confidence was low. Usually about how I could simply whip up a complete business branding concept in a matter of hours and have a fully designed soft launch waiting within a day or two. 

“No one can do what you do” she would say. It didn’t seem miraculous to me. 

Fast forward to now and I can tell you I was created to create. Through trial and circumstance its the only constant to the deepest self fulfillment in connecting with others the way my faith is connected to me.

That’s purpose. 

Through my faith I’m a part of a bigger story. And each has its own role to play. And in it others depend on me being at my best to be at there best. In fact it is a disservice to my faith in the growth of others to not do what fulfills me. 

So where does confidence begin?

It comes from knowing & reintroducing yourself.
It comes from knowing where you’ve been and where you want to go. 
Its accepting that you don’t have it all figured out and could fail anyway. 
It’s knowing who you are after you fall. 
It’s knowing you’re not alone. 

To love oneself is to know thyself. 

Confidence is a huge reflection of loving yourself and overtime becomes the gift that keeps on giving. 

Danielle is the owner of branding agency Octane Design Studios where she designs and strategizes for brands full time. When not working she enjoys time with her three boys and beloved husband. She’s a MMA fan, mentor and educator. Follow her at @octanedesigns. 

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