REPLAY: Help For The Holidays From Real Marketing Experts

We did it! On September 29th we went LIVE on LinkedIn to host a webinar of simple holiday marketing tips from leaders in copy, strategy, SEO and graphics to help you prep for the holiday season. Tune into Help For The Holidays: from real marketing experts! Catch the replay below.

Meet Our Speakers

MARIE GETTLE-GILMARTIN is a an Award-winning writer, podcaster, and inclusive communicator and leader. Having Worked in the environmental consulting industry in a wide variety of leadership roles Marie Managed a group of 70 talented publications professionals for 13 years. With 30+ years of experience transforming dry, technical content into dynamic language people WANT to read, Marie helps companies boost employee engagement, productivity, and thought leadership. Follow her and her company Fertile Ground Communications at https://www.fertilegroundcommunications.com.

MOLLY HICKS is a brand strategy badass and founder of the self-named brand strategy and design micro-agency that helps busy AF entrepreneurs make ‘stuff’ happen. Her out-of-the box, cookie-cutter free strategy helps biz owners build sustainable systems that not only grow their business but also make sense to their unique way of thinking. Follow Molly Hicks at mollyhicks.com

EMILY BELL is a web designer and fashion designer from Ontario Canada. She started building websites over 20 years ago, opened her brick and mortar eco boutique almost 15 years ago and has specialized in WordPress and SEO for over 10 years. She loves to work with ethical entrepreneurs and impact-driven small businesses. You can find her online at TreeChicDesign.com.

The Cliff Notes

Marie GG’s tips:

-Never be Boring: avoid acronyms and keep out de jargon.

-Make it fun and festive: focus on universal themes of generosity, peace. Be generous. Focus on your clients. Thank them for your business this year.

-Keep it short: try to stick to 14 words a sentence and 36 words a paragraph.

-Proofread EVERYTHING.

-Be inclusive: only 46% of Americans celebrate Christmas as they primary religious holiday. Focus on the holidays. Make your graphics accesible.

Molly Hicks

-Don’t feel pressure that you have to do something.

-You don’t need to discount your prices. Your holiday promo can be based on adding value to something you already have.

-Use what you have: recycle and reuse content for the holidays.

-Trust your gut.

-Share what you do: let everybody know what you are doing (social media, live, mailing).

Emily Bell

-Create an optimized Google my Business profile. Whether you have a physical business or not.

-Technically optimize your website: make sure it loads quickly and that text is accesible and easy to read.

-Use a search engine optimization plug in. Go through your SEO settings. Add your new holidays content to your homepage.

-Stay away from unauthentic backlinks: try to get authentic collaborations and mentions.

Danielle Meadows- Stinnett

-Be authentic

-Be inclusive: Make sure your graphics are authentic for different people in different ways. Be accesible.

-Update your holidays color palette. Use bright colors: blue, indigo, purple. Don’t stick to traditional Christmas colors.

Picture of octane


Creative, multi-business owner, published author, wife and mom of 3. Book Danielle to speak at www.daniellemeadowsstinnett.com.

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