Outsourcing Saves Time, Money, and Sanity

I’m an ambitious soul. I’m driven and the sky is not the limit. I believe I can touch the clouds, the stars, and then the moon. 

I have always been this way.

I come from a family of driven, hard-working women so it’s literally in my blood to do all the things and have fun doing it. 

Have you ever seen a person in their 70s still working and happy doing so? 

 That’s probably going to be me in 30 plus years, with my grayish blue dreads, a funky pair of bifocals and still designing on a magnified screen, with wrist guards on both arms. My sons will beg me to retire, but  I’ll protest because I love what I do.

 Point. Blank. Period. 

Actual footage of me in 30 plus year with the funky bifocals. Graphics: @helenkillius.

I’m a graphic designer and momprenuer. I have a great, supportive husband and four whole sons including a 10-month old baby. I run an always evolving and growing graphic design business full-time and have done so for 11 years. I blog. I have a podcast and appear as a guest on various podcasts. I have staff meetings.  I teach. I hold client meetings. I do photo shoots. I craft.

Octane Design Studios is unapologetically #MoreThanGraphics

Some call me Superwoman. Some call me crazy. 

But most want to know:  How do you do it all?  

Simple answer: I outsource. 

With multiple platforms and a desire to present fresh content, beautiful on-brand designs, and grow my business and clientele to hit my quarterly goals,  I outsource creative talent, yet still manage, consult and maintain creative oversight for Octane Design.

I hire other graphic designers via contract to take on bigger projects. I outsource content writers, photographers, and virtual assistants to keep the ball always rolling. 

If you find yourself with too much on your plate, but a deep desire to grow your brand, client-base,  explore new talent and help uplift other creatives, here’s why you should consider outsourcing.

  1. Outsourcing can save you time and money.
  2. Staff that is outsourced can help grow your marketing and project your branding efforts which will work to bring you more customers and sales.
  3. You open yourself up to a pool of talent that can enhance and elevate your projects, bring new eyes, fresh ideas and a bigger presence.
  4. Outsourcing gives you time to focus on your core tasks and grow your business in the direction you want while still having your client’s needs met.
  5. Outsourcing offers flexibility for your staff and overall work/life balance and better productivity. Working with other talented graphic designers motivates and inspires me. 

If you are killing yourself trying to do it all, take a minute and see if outsourcing a project or two could be of benefit to your business and most importantly to your own mental health and stability.

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Creative, multi-business owner, published author, wife and mom of 3. Book Danielle to speak at www.daniellemeadowsstinnett.com.

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