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Reading a book is a short-term relationship commitment. Only in a book, can you take a short trip to a new place, meet new people and enjoy new experiences.Here are some of the adventures the Octane Gang took in 2021 and what they loved about these books:

Tavia’s Pick: Will” by Will Smith

I enjoyed the book “Will” via Audibles and it was narrated by Will Smith, himself. 

The narration and the book did not disappoint! I mean there were excerpts of lofi music in reference to his lyrical accounts in some of the chapters. 

The book is well organized and shares his most memorable moments like his first performances meeting his love stories, memories with his family, even the complicated ones,  and his climb to stardom. 

Will’s story was incredibly interesting and ambitious. You will find yourself rooting for him through his growing pangs, failures, and success even though in real time we see the outcome. You will be excited, disappointed, and overjoyed with him! 

“Will” is an entertaining book to read with some good life lessons sprinkled throughout. 

2.Vico’s Pick: “Clarity and Connection” by Yung Pueblo


My book pick is “Clarity and Connection” by Yung Pueblo. It is a collection of phrases that invite you to reflect on yourself and your relationship with others. You can take a look at some of these phrases in the writers’ instagram account: @yung_pueblo


  1. Danielle’s Pick: How to Structure Company Operations for Sustainable Success

This was a great read for anyone seeking to gain deeper Intel on how to grow a better business that outlives it’s founders. There is a little bit of formula involved but it is very helpful in helping you break down the basis of what longevity looks like for a business and outlines key steps in sustaining whatever you do long term.  

Black author Alicia Butler Pierre did not hold back a little bit of attitude that you will need to go to distance. I feel like I’m securing the bag for 2022 because of this book! 

  1. Agnes’ Pick: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Real-Life Tales of Black Girl Magic (Volume 4)

This book was recommended by my friend who is a co-author in the book. It’s a great collection of stories about black girls around the world. 

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