Octane Welcomes Partnership with JRow Everything

After months of praying alongside a team of independently amazing women business owners, I’m thrilled to announce our latest partnership with JRow Everything!

JRow Everything owned by Jacqueline Rowan is based in North Carolina and ships custom apparel and quilting products nationwide. Her tagline is literally similar to what Octane provides: “it’s everything”. What excites Octane the most about this partnership is the accessibility of new handmade products now available to our clients through our shop.

JRow Everything produces high end custom products such as:

  • Custom Quilted Blankets
  • Custom Vinyl Apparel
  • Custom Vinyl Accessories

Be sure to follow JRow Everything across INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK and continue to follow Octane’s blog as we feature more products.

Q&A with Jacqueline Rowan of JRow Everything

Q: What inspired you to get started as an entrepreneur?

A: Honestly, I never really intended on being an entrepreneur. My passion is the art of crafting and it’s something I can’t live without. The urge to share my passion with the world was what drove me to becoming an entrepreneur over time and opened doors that I never dreamed of!

Q: What’s your typical work day look like?

A: As a mom it seems as if I “work” from the time my feet hit the floor until my head touches the pillow… sometimes that doesn’t happen until 2am! Every morning I create a todo list for he day based off my calendar of events/orders to complete etc., working from priority on down. I do have squirrel moments throughout the day haha but it’s easy to get back on track. One minute I may be covered in saw dust the next I may be dressed up for a business meeting or rocking thread remnants from sitting at the sewing machine for hours! Each day is different which keeps it fun and interesting!

Q: Do you have a preferred clientele or are you open to working with anyone?

A: I love working and helping with people in general…That’s the joys of art. Working with everyone and their visions to create beautiful original works of art is beyond rewarding!

Q: What do you enjoy doing when not creating custom works?

A: When I’m not designing for clients… I love to art journal, read, write, binge watch Netflix & Hulu, or just chill out with my family.

Q: What’s your favorite food?

A: I’m a foodie… I see food… I eat food.

Q: What’s your favorite Movie?

A: Top 5: Harry Potter Series (book nerd), RENT, Singin’ In The Rain, Pulp Fiction, Jurassic Park (the original).

Q: What’s one of you most memorable products you’ve done? (Or two, or three…)

A: I recently had a client pregnant with a “rainbow” baby that wanted a baby blanket designed and made that represented her journey. After suffering losses myself, I understood her journey and was honored to create a beautiful rainbow heart quilt for her.

I remember each quilt I’ve ever made… I feel as if I stitched a piece of my heart into each one!

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