Octane launches #OctaneForTheHolidays

Yes you read that title correctly. It’s a our seventh season of creating amazing options for holiday photo cards, holiday stationery and printables on the Etsy platform. 

We love the small business artisan platform of Etsy (from its wee conception) and continue to stand behind it in offering our full selection of seasonal holiday offerings solely through this platform. 

So…what’s new? What’s trending this holiday season? Watch the trailer. Keep reading.

Trending Holiday Card Styles

Trends come and go but we try to appease all demographics with with quality design selections. Here’s a few design trends for holiday cards in 2021:

  • Curved Card Designs 
  • Foil, Gold or Silver
  • Thick Cardstock Photo cards
  • Funny Humorous Cards
  • Whimsical Font Pairing
  • Year in Review

What’s Returning

We kept a few goldies that you’ve loved over and over again based on sale and reviews. 

  • Custom Order Designs
  • A few of last years top sellers

Holiday Marketing with Octane

We are really excited to see both new and returning faces to the shop. We’re also really excited to offer our Print + Ship options with each digital design we create. 

Love addressing your envelopes each year? Here’s some ettiquete tips to help you stay ahead. If you’re on the other side of hand cramps we highly suggest you let us print your envelopes! We even provide you an online address template for easy address collecting.

This post contains affiliate links.  We stand by these products we share because we either used them for a period of time before we partnered with them to advertise or we just truly believe in the product because of what’s done for us, our influencer community and for the good of the world.

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