Octane celebrates Top Projects of 2021

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We’re celebrating projects that mused us in 2021! Last year made us squeal with both delight and near panic as we navigated another year in business amidst a world pandemic. As normalized as we make ‘the new normal’ to be we celebrate projects that gave us hope and inspiration to keep going. We even made the nomination process a virtual red carpet event!

DC Strings

Have you ever wanted to brand an established and educationally based music program? This entire project from the start mused us from the inside out! DC Strings is a Washington DC area non profit with two components: Music education and Orchestra composition.

With these two areas in mind, they sought Octane for web development and strategy across there social media platforms and there more recent integration in using EveryAction for direct email fundraising.

After several strategy sessions and calls we were able to provide a refreshed brand, with strategic social media content calendars, an email strategy facelift with graphics and a website with more direct ways to showcase the work they produce and direct ways to donate to their cause.

This project hit all the notes for us!

Summerbridge Louisville

Imagine the ultimate summer learning camp. Filled with energetic young people teaching children to be the next generation of adults behind them. We talk about ‘passing the baton’ around here but this academic non profit is actually doing the work!

Kerrington’s Heart Blue Heart Benefit

The Blue Heart Benefit is aimed to be a night of elegance, awareness and fundraising. Octane was hired to use the same high end graphics, email marketing and social media strategy used year round for Kerrington’s Heart for

Black Soil KY

When we say we’re for ‘our people’ we mean that. When an established and nationally recognized coallition and community of Black farmers that both incubate, educate and reserve its distinct horticulture thumbprint seeks web design assistance, we were honored to help.

Kilpatrick North

This project has been a slow grow but well worth the wait. It’s a product of what good strategy and clear mission can do when their built together for a singular purpose common to most service based businesses… to help people.

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