MTG welcomes special guest Stacy Zeal

Ready, set, REST! This episode is jam packed with gems on rest, self care and the wealth of medicinal properties of marijuana use for sleep & anxiety. This episode is LIT and features special guest Stacy Zeal, host of High On Self Care Podcast.

As the CEO of MaryZeal.com and host of the High on Self Care Podcast, Stacy Zeal is on a mission to help women of color live their best abundant lives by creating a mindful cannabis practice.  Cannabis literally changed Stacy’s life by becoming her only consistent solution for her insomnia. After being prescribed sleeping pills that only worked for 2 weeks, she turned to cannabis while living in Las Vegas and it has been the only thing that consistently helps her sleep peacefully every night. Getting consistent sleep has been a game-changer creating the energy needed to live the life that she desires.  As a yoga teacher and self-proclaimed high functioning stoner, Stacy understands that combining the amazing benefits of self-care with the uplifting benefits of cannabis leads to a deeper connection to self. 

Podcast: High on Self Care (MaryZeal.com/podcast & all podcast platforms)


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