MTG welcomes special guest Maribel Quezada-Smith

In February we deep dive into discussion around our theme: honor. Whether you’ve listened to our content on Clubhouse or you’re hearing this incredibly transparent convo with bilingual video and podcast producer Maribel Quezada-Smith, the concept of loving ourselves as women in the tech and creative industries runs much deeper than any 9a to 5p or our true reality; our 9a to 9p. Take notes on how we can learn from and uplift each other in the process to better honoring ourselves.

Maribel is a bilingual video and podcast producer, as well as a host and speaker, with over  16 years of expertise developing meaningful content.

Her TV credits include producing on shows for the Discovery family of networks, Netflix, Oxygen and A&E (among others). She’s currently a Producer and Co-host of the popular Pulso podcast.

Maribel is the Co-founder of BIPOC Podcast Creators, an organization devoted to amplifying the voices and stories of people of color. She regularly shares her expertise on topics like this around global stages.

Today, she helps entrepreneurs, startups and growing brands build deeper connections with their ideal customers through meaningful video and audio content.


  • Am I just doing things to honor other people or am I honoring myself? Why am I doing this and who is it for? MQS
  • I’m just beginning to honor myself because I’m constantly honoring others – MQS
  • This industry isn’t honoring me so I have to start honoring myself. – MQS
  • When you spend your whole life living under the umbrella of what society has told you to be…how do you know what you want for yourself? – MQS
  • It’s hard to accept yourself for who you are when you’ve been told your whole life you’re not good enough – MQS
  • We honor ourselves differently as we age; what’s important shifts. – PA
  • It’s ok to save those gifts for only us -MQS
  • It’s not for the streets, its for home -CS
  • I just wanted to be seen. To know I was there. To know that I existed. -MQS
  • It’s so easy to rip somebody else’s idea and use them as your own. It matters when trying to make connections that go beyond the superficial – MQS
  • The work we do in media resonates, stays around and has a real impact on other people. We need to be ethical and not performative – MQS








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