MTG welcomes special guest Lynn “Elikqitie” Smargis

This is the only theme that infers movement in our entire season 5 lineup and its MEANT to MOVE YOU! Join the Team MTG: Danielle / Cicely / Priscilla as they embark on highlighting women that exemplify marching to there own drum, and both discovering and claiming space in unknown territories for women in Tech and women creatives. 

Our bonus guest is none other than Lynn “Elikqitie”! Lynn “Elikqitie” Smargis is an author, speaker, podcast producer, ghostwriter, and content marketing specialist who works with speakers and service-based business owners using content marketing to establish their credibility online.

She is currently producing two podcasts: Travel Gluten Free, which assists people with Celiac disease, and those who are gluten-free because of medical reasons on how to eat out and safely travel. Her second podcast, the Marketeers Mastermind, serves our community of speakers and service-based business owners with marketing advice to create their digital marketing plan.

Lynn is an avid ideator and writer who enjoys delivering quality content in which their readers will receive value. She writes between 2,000 and 8,000 words per day and is currently in the process of writing and publishing four books for 2023.

Lynn currently splits her time between her home in Olympia, Washington, and her farm in McMinnville, Oregon – the latter of which lies in the middle of wine and hazelnut country!

When she’s not writing, Lynn enjoys playing with their three dogs, snuggling with her two cats, traveling, painting, reading, meditation, studying Buddhism, outdoor activities, and flying with her pilot husband, Jeff, in their airplane.


  • Ghost writing is when they have an idea for a book and need to finish it.
  • Tips to finding a ghostwriter: Personalities have to click, Ask for a contract, what other services do they offer, You can use a ghostwriter at any point in the process.
  • Advice for those into pivoting into Ghostwriting: Find a friend /colleague and write at cost. You have to love writing. Know how to talk to people. You can’t override them – take a ‘no’. Network a lot.  Block out time for writing/ work.
  • #1 don’t take content and slap it into a book.
  • Mind map/traditional outline: visualization of content/ideas, coming off from main ideas are the chapters, then write content that fits into openings.
  • Magnets you can write on (Amazon) to put on white board (search: “magnetic wipe off marker labels”)
  • Tips/tools for writing: Grammarly premium, write daily to become a better write, join a writing group (Daily Writer)
  • www.Writeforyou.me – direct website for ghostwriting services


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