MTG Welcomes special guest Gabrielle Chirchlow

Our extra bonus guest tributes to the lessons we took from our MASTER theme and apply them, featuring fellow podcaster and CEO of A Steps Ahead Tutoring Gabrielle Crichlow.

While Gabrielle attended graduate school at St. John’s University, she worked for two companies at which she tutored students at no cost to them. While she was working at both companies, she saw the academic struggles of working class families that were disproportionately people of color. She believed that their little allotment of hours was not enough for them. Furthermore, she believed that the children in these families tended to have unknown learning disabilities and were almost illiterate and undereducated. Gabrielle reached a point when she realized that these families deserved more than that. A light bulb went off in her head – “I’ll start my own company!” Gabrielle’s experiences at these companies provided her with the insight she needed to excel at and enjoy tutoring, while inspiring other tutors to do the same. In 2013, she founded her own company, A Step Ahead Tutoring Services, and has operated it ever since.

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