MTG starts the conversation of ‘resilience’ with BIPOC advocate Tanya Torp

The countdown is on for our ‘resilience’ episode with Tanya Torp airing this Thursday! Tanya is an agent for social change and has spent her career engaging in community-based initiatives as a convener, speaker, trainer, writer, and consultant. Her full-time job as Executive Director at Step By Step, Inc encourages and equips young single mothers, ages 12-24, through an empowerment model which includes mentoring, deep listening, case management, Support Groups, leadership development, and walking alongside them towards their own definitions of success.

Additionally, Tanya manages her consultant business as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator in the following areas: strategic planning for nonprofits, diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, volunteer management, community liaising, and youth empowerment. Finally, Tanya is an Associate Pastor at Embrace United Methodist Church. Her ministry passions are discipleship, leadership development, intercessory prayer, women’s ministry, and worship ministry. Currently, Tanya is editing her forthcoming book on the topic of radical hospitality. She lives in Lexington, KY with her husband Christian, a Civil Rights Attorney, their 2 young children.

Welcome to the show Tanya!


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Show Notes:

12:07 “Resilience is communal.” – Tanya Torp

24:30 “When I think about the world, I can’t give up.” – Tanya Torp

38: 30 “I’m not meant to measure up, I’m meant to be who I am called to be.” – Tanya Torp

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