MTG continues the conversation of ‘possibilities’ with bonus guest Bevin Morgan

With all things possible in spirit of #WomensHistoryMonth, we continue this important conversation with our bonus guest for March, Bevin Morgan!

Bevin is a Financial Trainer at The Financial Gym who has paid off over $200K in debt to become debt-free. She is a real estate investor and self-proclaimed personal finance nerd. She specializes in helping Black female entrepreneurs and creators gain confidence in their financial futures with a touch of woo woo.

She is on a personal mission to help bridge the racial wealth gap in this country. Black families hold less than 10% the average wealth of white families. Instilling financial confidence in Black women is one small step she’s taking to help change that.

Welcome to the show Bevin!


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Follow Bevin:
Instagram: @bevinmorgan
Facebook: Bevin Morgan, Financial Wellness Coach
Website: www.bevinmorgan.me

Show Notes:

“Do what you enjoy, and do it mindfully, do it intentionally.” – Bevin Morgan

“It’s so important to understand what it is that you are working for” – Bevin Morgan

“Will this purchase add value to my life? + Will this purchase help me achieve my goals?” – Bevin Morgan

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