Mom Approved👍 2023 Product Spoof Series

Each May, TEAM OCTANE curates a campaign of spoof products just for moms. This year our Mom-Approved series of spoof products for moms has been collected from the suggestions of REAL MOMS across America! From Nebraska to Tennessee to Ohio, real moms stepped up to share real mom solutions to everyday mommy-ing. 

We’re making dinner fun again!

Are your kids rejecting all the healthy things at the dinner table? Say less!

YUM OH MATIC is a camouflage edible spray that instantly makes the whole family happily eat dinner with no complaints.

Toddlers won’t fuss and all vegetables are eaten as fast as ice cream! Try them on juices and meats too.

Spray. Eat. Repeat. With YUM OH MATIC.

Imagine a cap/machine you can put on your child’s head that washes, conditions, detangles and dries their hair with no fuss and within 30 minutes.

Made for all ethnicities and hair types. Includes its own organic wash kit for the first time.

Need them to be still? BONUS feature: it has a hologram-like screen that appears in front of it for entertainment. Your kid can sit, eat a snack and get their hair done painlessly. No more tears. No more complaining.

Nobody’s gonna know…

Kids taking sodas after hours? Tired of your little ones lacking in water what they drink in corn syrup?

Make your kids think they are being naughty while feeling confident they are getting enough water with BUBBLE POP DELIGHT.

Comes in all the popular flavors like:
Dr. Plum (Dr. Pepper) &
Lemon Mist (like Sierra mist or Sprite)

The HEAVENLY HELPER is the ultimate ‘Fix It Jesus’ button.

When you have those super frustrating moments when you can only say “Jesus fix it”, you press it and in a flash, He appears and fixes it.

Works great on:

  • Kids
  • Spouses
  • Nosey Neighbors
  • Pets & More!

Moms are always doing a level of policing. Introducing the AT HOME JURY app that instantly replays a conversation to prove you’re right to your partner and kids. It give exact date, time, weather and coordinates before broadcasting the old conversation.

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