Level One: Reflect

Spring signifies a season of renewal. Where new things begin. A Fresh start. This shouldn’t stop at your digital marketing.

So we’re using our platform to help lead and discuss steps to better assess and review what could help you in the realm of digital marketing. 

This journey is more of an experimental exploration, like space. Hence our cool gaming trailer to the words of Maya Angelou ‘Still I rise’. 

This week is themed ‘Reflect’ and the best way we can begin this convo is starting with your brand values.

Brand values, what are those? 


Here’s a quick exercise.

Say you’re having lunch with all your best girls and you name drop ‘your brand name’. When your girls ask who ‘your brand name’ is you say: Oh she’s “value 1” you know…”value 2” and “value 3”. 

Now fill in those blanks with characteristics of your brand. 

For us: Octane is designer savvy… you know, Woman-owned and super experienced!
Now that you have established your business values let’s apply that to the previous plan last quarter. 

Looking behind the curtain


Often times when we don’t have a plan we can look a lot like the Wizard of Oz, frantically and robotically moving to maintain what fragment of pride we have to softly elude that we have our marketing together.
To really get home, we’ve gotta leave Oz behind. That means actually having a plan and reasoning behind each move you make.

Based on your plan for your quarter one digital marketing let’s ask: 

  • What worked?
  • What surprised you that worked?
  • What recycled things worked?
  • What new things worked?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What goals did you achieve?

Good news

You can only go up from here. We suggest that you: 

  • Track your metrics 
  • Start implementing the things at work based upon your metrics
  • Set new goals for Q2

Looking for a brand audit? Here’s ours that we use for clients in need of a starting point.

Picture of octane


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