Her ‘Realm of Resilience’: Thoughts On Women’s History Month

I look to Women’s History Month as 30 day span to take a good hard reflection of ourselves and permit whatever we dare. And should we choose to stare long enough; we begin to see the women behind us and the women behind them, staring back at us.

These women. These rule breakers and magic weavers; women in skirts, soul comforters and mystic dreamers. What would they say to us in 2023?

Would their silent gazes be freeing or condemning?

As a Creative woman who recognizes her lineage as a 3rd generation entrepreneur I often wade the waters of a mental impasse of “Marie Antoinette” and a “mad angry Black woman” foreseeing and relating to the complexities of simply being a woman.

And when Team Octane chose the theme of “Spice of your life” it was calibrated for celebration of life, our “wins”, the progression and the resilience of femme community.

These are the beatitudes of women, knowing the equality we seek might not happen in our lifetimes but IT WILL happen. And with each new career industry we enter and each hand we reach for, we each do our part to crack the door wider and pass the baton forward. To the next girl; to the next woman.

The soundtrack is real. Women spice up EVERYTHING.

Let’s continue to life voices, join hands, dig deeper and plough forward in developing a realm of resilience.

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