End of game: Level 5 Pt. 2 finishes month long ‘Hard Reset’ series with ‘Rejoice’

You did it.

You did the work and you set a plan. Hopefully you’re on the right path to attaining your digital branding or social media marketing goals.

In this state of Rejoice we want to leave you with a final piece of advice and action step; Track your personal wins.


The Brag Book

From our quarterly MoreThanGraphics Webinar Series on Caption Writing we mention this as a self care practice.

Tracking wins for yourself is just as important as tracking wins for the business.

How to start your own brag book:

  1. Use a digital notebook or journal.
  2. List a 1 brag per journal entry (“Got 30 new followers this week” , “Established a new system for email automations”, “Sales increased 25% from last quarter”)
  3. Collect them and then review at will.

Our Q1 Takeaways

This first quarter of 2021 tested us with both fire and brimstone. For many entrepreneurs during the pandemic, we had to pick up the ball and create a whole new game for ourselves.

But we got some wins through it. Here’s a few we’ve put in the Brag Book:

  • Completed 10+ projects since the beginning of 2021
  • We worked 362 hours over Q1, that’s an average of over 100 hours a month
  • We posted 164 Instagram Stories, and that’s just in March

Your turn… what’s inside your brag book? What exercises are you implementing to rejoice in the smallest way?

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