Happy PRIDE friends! This month’s theme is DELIVER. And while we delivered some really good thoughts on our latest Clubhouse episode, technology didn’t record the conversation so I’m going to recap some of those those thoughts here:

  • The first talking point was Delivery of self. To stand and deliver. Showing up for our best selves and putting out the best parts of ourselves.The production we as women creatives and women in tech know and thrive in oh so well. 
  • The second talking point was Delivery From… The things that do not serve us. The things we need to be delivered from. Whether guilt or shame or comparison. Priscilla gave an amazing analogy to this in reference to a mixtape. Where we hear that old familiar song but over time in relistening the quality loses its luster…
  • In this episode we shared transparent things. We laughed hard in attempt to always remain a safe space for women in tech and women creatives. Whether we’re nurses in tech, or graphic designers we want to find authentic ways to reach you and let you know… your tribe is here.

Even though the summer is delivering all the deliverables when we’re supposed to be in a retreat for ourselves we remind both ourselves and our listeners to take small moments to chill. For me that’s hanging out half day in the baby pool drinking the local refreshment Ale8One Ginger Ale. What’s your chill moment? You can tag us in your thoughts and in your pics at @mtgthepodcast1 on twitter or @mtgthepodcast on instagram. 

Wherever you are, know that you can take us with you where you listen to podcasts. We’ll catch you next month with an amazing special guest. 

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