Common Content Marketing Myths Debunked

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It’s not just writing … your business needs awesome content marketing for your various platforms. We are debunking the most common Content Marketing myths. But give us your two cents on our Instagram, @octanedesigns.

MYTH: Content Marketing is Copywriting

DEBUNKED: While both content marketing and copywriting involve the creation of content, they aren’t the same. Content marketing focuses on valuable content that your audience wants to read (i.e. the fun, audience-engagement stuff). Copywriting focuses on less valuable advertorial content that’s designed to compel people to take action (The things that make people want to hire you and buy your merch or services ).

Content marketing includes the creation of blog posts, guides, e-books, interviews, lists, and how-to articles. It can also include the content on your social media accounts to engage your audience and educate them in some way. 

Copywriting includes the creation of pay-per-click (PPC) ad copy, landing page copy, and call-to-action (CTA) copy.

MYTH:  You Should Only Publish Content on Your Website

DEBUNKED: Your website is clearly your single most valuable asset. It’s where your customers land when they want to learn the most about you. It personifies your brand and a lot of your effort goes into perfecting this platform. 

However, your website shouldn’t be the exclusive destination for all of your content. Publishing content on other platforms allows you to reach more people — a more effective content marketing strategy.

In addition to your website, you can publish content on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, and other social media platforms where your audience and customer base will find your business. And don’t forget the email marketing newsletter. This is a very resourceful way for people to reach current and future customers. 

An additional tip is to always customize your content to speak directly to the audience on that particular platform. For instance, Facebook (or the “old people social media” as I’ve heard millenials refer to it, may be a bit different than your Instagram which is a more inclusive audience.)

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MYTH: Visuals Don’t Matter

DEBUNKED: It’s called content marketing and that’s writing and most types of online content consist mainly of text. Yes, we need the words, but we also need visuals. Eye-catching visuals do just that, catch the eye and keep the interest of the reader.  

Images, videos, slideshows, and infographics can promote higher rates of user engagement. By providing visuals, more people will likely read and engage with your content. You can still create text-based content, but consider adding a few visuals to improve its performance.

MYTH:  You Can Automate or Use an App for Content Marketing

DEBUNKED: Not all content is created equal. If there’s one thing you want to invest in, it is good content. Not all automated services are worth your investment. 

Since content marketing centers on the creation of valuable content, you can’t just buy an app or software to do it for you. 

It takes time and hard work to create valuable content. Even after creating a piece of content, you may want to update it with new information in the future.

MYTH  Content Marketing Only Works for Some Niches

DEBUNKED: If your business operates in a small and specific niche, you may assume that there’s no way to create relevant content for it. 

If your business is selling violins to orchestra members, it may definitely be a bit harder to think of content vs. something more mainstream like photography. 

Thus, content marketing is easier for some niches than others, but all niches support valuable content. If you experience writer’s block, try browsing some forums and blogs associated with your business’s niche. Have a brainstorming session with trusted professionals or friends. Do the research. 

As you navigate through the threads and posts, pay attention to the questions people are asking. You can then turn these questions into content topics.

MYTH:  Quantity Trumps Quality

DEBUNKED: It’s a common misconception that creating and distributing more content will lead to better results. More is not always better. 

For content marketing, the quality of your content is far more important than the quantity. Just one piece of exceptionally high-quality content can generate more traffic than dozens or hundreds of lower-quality pieces.

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MYTH:  You Can’t Measure the Performance of Content

DEBUNKED: How the content performed with your audience is definitely measurable. However, where it’s published will vary from platform to platform. 

For content published on your website, you can track traditional performance metrics like total page views, bounce rate, and average time on page.

 For content published on social media, you can track engagement metrics such as shares, comments, and likes. Regardless of the channel, you can always measure content marketing by tracking conversions.

MYTH:  In-House Is the Way to Go

DEBUNKED: Content marketing is time-consuming. DIY’ing it can save money, but it’s not always the best route. As important as creating content is, as Sweet Brown said, “Aint nobody got time for that.” 

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Outsourcing content creation is more common than you think. 

According to research by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 50% of the B2B marketers surveyed outsource at least part of their content marketing — and 84% outsource content creation. 

Outsourcing allows you to leverage the talents and experience of professional writers who know how to create valuable content. 

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