5 ways to rock your Instagram marketing

by: Vico / @condesaok

If you thought instagram marketing was just uploading photos and writing captions… well, you’re wrong! There’s a lot to be done to rock you’re business’s profile like a pro! Take a look at these tips and tricks. 

1.Work in advance: Don’t rely on your last minute inspiration. Organize your content, create calendars and have your graphics and captions ready a few weeks before the posting date. This will also allow you to celebrate social media holidays, and your niche’s special dates with great content ideas!


2. Stay tuned! Instagram launches new features every now and then. So, make sure you are using them and sticking to new trends! This will also help you to grow your reach. Sharing here two websites where you can stay updated on Instagram’s latest features:

-Preview App Blog

-Social Media Today

3. Be unique. Choose a color palette, fonts, patterns and imagery: this is your brand’s identity and that’s what will make your instagram unique. Every time you think of a new post, make sure it matches your brand assets and you will attain a wonderful layout for your grid.

4. Check your analytics often. It is the best way to get to know your audience and see how well your content strategy is performing. 

Check this video for a quick introduction on Instagram insights! 


5. Keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the idea of posting everyday. Best frequency posting formula is: “post every time you have something valuable to share.”

Hope you liked my tips and tricks!

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