Q1 Essentials Branding

Choose your adventure

Q1 Essentials 2023 runs from
November 1- January 2024

What is
Q1 Essentials?

Choose your adventure to achieve your 2024 marketing goals with Q1 Essentials.

Choose from 5 different adventures to get the info you need in bite-sized, repayable content all within a 1:1 private learning community. Be victorious in 2024.

Play your way in the land of digital marketing with Q1essentials.

Is this cohort for you?

Do you need hep with the following for 2024?

If you said YES then this cohort IS for you! 


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q1 Event schedule

November 2024

Live q1 kickoff

Meet up with the Q1 teaching team and ask questions before the journey begins!


bonus content

On thursdays enjoy a live class inside the private educational group. 

Each Week

Weekly Checkin's

Each Tues we’ll check in with you during office hours. Teaching staff rotates each week. 

January 2024

q1 send off party!

Join the teaching team as we collectively shares farewells and announces the winners of our group giveaways!

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Claim your marketing realm with confidence. Play amongst an experienced team.

choose your adventure


$ 60 Total
  • Flower Power: Canva Updates 3.0
  • Canva's Email Adventure: Saving the Digital Kingdom
  • 100 Gold Stars: The Designer Tips To Play Harder In The Graphics Realm
  • Private Learning Community


$ 60 Total
  • Hitting The Right Space: Choosing The Right Platforms To Build Your Empire
  • Design Invaders: Conquering Stellar Web Creation
  • Website Defender: The 10-Point Space Odyssey
  • Private Learning Community

Social Media

$ 60 Total
  • Social Media Cheat Code: Celebrating Creativity with Holidays
  • TikTok Quest: The Road to Viral Content
  • Audit-WoMan: Navigating the Social Maze for Brands
  • Hot or Not: Social Media Edition
  • Private Learning Community


$ 60 Total
  • Influencer Odyssey: Navigating Marketing Basics
  • Content Tetris: Shape Your Ideas for Success
  • WordStack Challenge: Mastering Content Creation with Ease
  • Influencer Odyssey: Navigating Marketing Basics
  • Private Educational Community


$ 60 Total
  • Branding Barrel Odyssey: Navigating the Podcast Jungle
  • Canva Kong's Video Quest: Crafting Podcast Intros
  • Podcast Editor's Jungle Run: Tips and Tricks Expedition
  • Private Educational Community

Full Package

$ 250 Total
  • All 5 Realms (17 mini courses)
  • Private Educational Community
  • Octane Playbook Journal

Q1 Essentials is an educational concept curated by
Octane Design Studios LLC.
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