Kerrington's Heart Inc.

Kerrington’s Heart is Kentucky’s first and longest non profit that provides hope, help and healing to children and families affected by Congenital Heart Defects (CHD), the #1 Birth Defect in America.


What we did

In developing a consistent strategy and combining that with marketing tools and a system to enable growth,  KHI continues to be a leader in the non profit community. 

  • Increased online visibility by more than 50% 
  • Increased awareness reach at events private & public by more than 25% each year
  • Procure Sponsorship connections
  • Help develop a Brand with resonating message


overcoming problems

Overall challenges that we ran into were:

  • e-commerce solutions that allowed both digital and physical items to be sold
  • Reaching out to new audiences without overlapping into individual event audiences
  • Securing higher sponsorships for events



Through strategy sessions, strategic branding and internal community polling, Octane has helped grow its presence and reach of new families to serve and businesses to help fund there CHD events.  

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