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MTG Welcomes Special Guest Leda Toussaint

Growth takes on various shapes and sizes both physically, mentally and emotionally. In this transparent episode entitled growth, GNTL owner and creator Leda Toussaint and


MTG Welcomes Special Guest Chanel Roker

Join Team MTG: Danielle x Cicely x Priscilla as they deep dive into the months theme of INVENT with special guest Chanel Roker. Chanel Roker


MTG welcomes special guest Maribel Quezada-Smith

In February we deep dive into discussion around our theme: honor. Whether you’ve listened to our content on Clubhouse or you’re hearing this incredibly transparent


MTG welcomes special guest Alex Leech

Get ready 2023! Its time to be heard! It’s time for us to be valued for what we bring to the table!  We’re coming at


MTG introduces Casey Bertelsman

Welcome to the #Morethangraphics #podcast! This months discussion is wrapping up the year with ACHIEVEMENT. We all process this differently and we’re grateful to unpack


MTG introduces Octane Executive Staff

What’s gratitude look like in everyday living? How can you better practice gratitude? Co-host Danielle was surprised by the podcast takeover of her own executive

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