Hi, I'm Danielle an award-nominated entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and gamified speaker

I represent the 2% of Black women in the c-suite

Danielle is a multi-business owner, published creative, a certified prompt engineer, podcaster, strategist, wife and mother of 3. She’s also a lover of Italian cuisine, chai, cosplay and retro gaming. 

She’s spoken across years of national and regional conferences and international summits to help small businesses and multi-business owners muster the realm around there digital marketing. 

As a woman of color in tech Danielle presents the barely 2% of Black women in the
c-suite and the 7% of women of color in the industry.

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As a third generation entrepreneur Danielle is an advocate of non traditional education leading online meetups and workshops for DIY marketing.

Her prompt journal “The Playbook: Gamified Small Business Journal” details branding and social media strategies for small businesses that are engaging and interactive, just like a video game or board game quest.

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CEO & Creative Director of Octane Design Studios, a 14 year old branding and identity firm based in the heart of Kentucky.

As a third generation entrepreneur with over 15 years of marketing and multimedia agency experience, Danielle began as a grassroots developer and since then has helped develop and launch hundreds of small businesses across America; ⅔ in Kentucky.

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Life is More Than Graphics

#MoreThanGraphics is a lifestyle mantra of podcast founder Danielle Meadows-Stinnett.

More Than Graphics podcast is a virtual safe space for women and minorities in the tech and creative industries. Tune in as three women of color Danielle x Cicely x Priscilla put it all on the table, sharing authentic life truths from an array of women in search of their tribe.

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“This is it, not turning back now” -Kevin McCallister

I invite you to play at my table and explore new realms of marketing and self discovery in tech. 


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Yes! I love providing people with toolsets and a firm  knowledge base. Whether online or in person I can help solve problems that can be challenging and fun.

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MTG broadcasts once at the end of each month across Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube.

I solo broadcast on my youtube channel 'The Retro Pixel Sorceress' dedicated to gamified learning around marketing and tech every 2 weeks.